Together, we are Alliance group.

Together, we're Better.

We believe it so much, in fact, that we made it our mantra. “Together, We’re Better” embodies the spirit with which we approach every partnership we pursue - with our community, our carrier partners, and especially with the agents who entrust us with their business.

Our carriers

Don’t be a “jack of all carriers”. Be a specialist.

At Alliance Group, we’re not going to provide you with contracts at 20+ life insurance companies of varying quality and financial ratings, each featuring a dizzying array of products you’re never going to present to a client. That model never made much sense to us.

Instead, we have hand-picked a small group of the very best Living Benefits carriers in the industry and, over many years, developed deep and personal relationships with each of those companies. All Alliance Group carriers are A-rated, rock-solid financially, and, most importantly, have worked hand-in-hand with our development team to curate the very best Living Benefits-infused life insurance products in the world.

Term, Fixed UL, Guaranteed UL, IUL, Whole Life - no matter what solution you’re looking for, our carriers have it, and it’s going to be A-rated, competitively priced, and come outfitted with the best built-in Living Benefits out there.

OUR Life Insurance Carriers:

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