Our training regimen is top-of-class, insanely deep, and available around the clock.

Always learning,

Always Evolving.

Alliance Group takes a holistic approach to agent development. Whether it’s weekly webinars, online training platforms, large-scale national training events, or small-group focus sessions, your calendar will stay chock-full of opportunities to hone your skills. We make deep investments into our training program because we know that agents who are well-trained and actively developing new skills are agents who produce.

We offer Best In Class Life Insurance Agent Training, Life Insurance Training Courses, aND options for Life Insurance Training Online.

Intensive, In-person training events. on us.

Every 2-3 months, you’re going to have the opportunity to get away from the office and plug into a state-of-the-art training event to meet new friends, sharpen your skills, and build your business. Forget paying for the privilege to attend training events - we pay for hotel rooms, meals, and only ask that you get yourself there. The way we see it, developing agents is our business and should come at our expense.


Alliance agents enjoy several opportunities per year to attend our large, ballroom-stage-and-lights type events. These events are always heavily-attended and provide our agents the opportunity to get world-class training from industry experts while rubbing elbows with fellow agents and Alliance Group leadership and staff in the process.

  • Training Summits
  • IUL Bootcamps
  • CPA Symposiums
  • Annual Leaders Conference (by invite only)
life insurance agent training | life insurance training courseslife insurance agent training | life insurance training materiallife insurance agent training material

We also understand that there's value in smaller-scale, focused training opportunities, which allow a more personalized experience and the opportunity for asking questions and receiving one-on-one attention. So, we also have several regularly-scheduled events that fit that bill:

  • New Agent Training Camps
  • Advanced Markets Trainings
  • Carrier Home Office Meetings (Alliance Group agents only)
  • Customized on-site agency trainings (we'll come to you!)
Life Insurance Agent Training
Living Benefits training | life insurance agent training
Living Benefits Training | life insurance agent training
To get a list of upcoming training events, reach out to us! 
digital Learning

Train anywhere, anytime.

Our streaming and online learning platforms keep you connected.
life insurance agent training

Live Streaming

Virtually Attend Live Events

We livestream and live produce all of our large-scale training events on www.alliancegroup.tv. Even if you’re not in the room, you’ll be right in the action. Join from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. We also record and archive the streams on our agent portal, so you can revisit and review anytime you feel like sharpening the axe.

life insurance training courses | alliance group

Alliance Academy

Train on your time

Our proprietary online training platform is in a class by itself. Alliance Academy represents the next generation of online course-structured training. You won’t find dull Powerpoint presentations and grainy webcam footage on Alliance Academy. Hear from the industry’s leading experts and top producers about the skills you need to succeed, all in pristine 4K with graphics, charts, and graphs to help drive optimal learning. 

life insurance agent training | life insurance training material

Weekly Webinars

Keep up to date

Consistency is key to the learning process, so we have built-in training opportunities every single week with our Wednesday Webinar series. The subject matter will vary from week to week - from sales concepts, to marketing workshops, to product training with special guests from our carriers, there’s a live training opportunity automatically built into every week. The webinars are recorded, archived, and available on our agent portal 24/7/365.

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