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Annual Renewable Term (ART)

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ART: Annual Renewable Term

It's exactly what it sounds like!

Annual Renewable Term (ART)

Coverage at a reasonable, cost effective rate when you need it most

Annual renewable term insurance (ART) is a type of term life insurance which offers a (typically) less expensive option with a guarantee of future insurability for a set number of years. During the term period, the policyholder will be able to renew annually without reapplying or taking another medical exam to reestablish eligibility.



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Have you ever thought about purchasing life insurance for protection for your family? But you're going to wait until you lose that extra five, ten, 15, $20. Have you thought about getting insurance but you want to quit smoking so you can get a cheaper rate? Well, you're like a lot of people that we talk to that they're going to wait until something happens before they purchase the the protection that they need for their family.

And they want to get the protection, but they want to get it, get it, get it less expensive premium outlay. So we're going to talk today about a way of helping you get through that, getting the protection for your family and when you need it most. So by waiting, things can happen. Life happens. You if you were to become critically, chronically, terminally ill, unexpectedly or, God forbid, pass away, your family is left without any kind of protection.

So we we have a plan that we talk with with a lot of our clients about that or in this situation that let's put something in today to lock it in and we're able to lock in your insurance, your insurer ability, right now, where you are now on a one year plan, an annual renewable term that locks in your protection now.

Now it's going to be a little bit more expensive than than if you were super, super, super healthy. But you lock it in for for all the things that can happen, for protection to the things that we don't know that are going to happen. So with that annual renewable term, with a top rated carrier that we work with, you can actually down the road convert that to a longer term.

So let's say you don't quit smoking. Well, you've locked it in and you know, at the very least, you know that if you do take a turn for the worse, you're at least locked in where you are. But if you do get healthier, we just have to do another exam and we can get you a better rate and then take a longer term and lock that in as well.

And at any time you can convert that to a permanent policy. When I say permanent, meaning that you can lock it in for a lifetime of protection guaranteed. So don't wait. Get the protection now, because we never know what tomorrow will bring - and lock it in with something with today's rates and if you do get healthier, and you do start taking care of yourself and get to the point where you are able to go back and get approval on a better rate class, we can do that.

But in the meantime, your family's protected at the most reasonable, cost effective way.

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