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The Basics of Life Insurance Marketing

The Rule: Keep yourself top-of-mind

The Basics of Life Insurance Marketing

As a life insurance agent, marketing yourself is paramount. You can’t sell life insurance to people if you’re not getting your name in front of people and opening conversations with them.

This makes life insurance agent marketing a key skill for professionals in the industry to invest their time and money mastering. Here are a few basic ideas for marketing yourself as a life insurance professional.

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#1: Promote yourself at local events

There is no more effective way to market yourself than to get out there into your local community and let people know who you are and how you can help. Festivals, community events, trade shows, expos – basically anywhere you can host a booth or table with information about what you offer –are great places to connect with new clients.

Make sure to prepare properly so that you can make a great, professional first impression with visitors to your table. You’ll want to have branded materials, brochures, and free giveaways to offer to your potential clients, as well as a plan for what you want for both parties (you and the prospect) to take away from the interaction.

Materials to consider for your events:

  • Branded Tablecloth
  • Pop-up banners featuring your company or product
  • Business cards
  • Smart TV with branded marketing videos playing
  • Physical pamphlets / brochures
  • Small branded giveaway items (pens, books, stickers, balloons, etc.)
  • Large giveaway items the prospects can submit their contact info for a chance to win

Remember, the idea of these events is to introduce yourself to people and introduce them to you and your business – so be personable! Don’t hide  behind your booth and expect good results – get out there and engage people in conversation. Some agents leverage kid-friendly giveaway items (balloons, etc.) to attract families to their booth and strike up a conversation. Get creative, have fun, and collect as much contact information as possible (excellent for use in future and follow up email marketing – keep reading!).

Your IMO or upline should be able to provide you with access to purchase branded promotional material for use at community events. Alliance Group provides our agents access to a plethora of physical marketing materials, including all of those listed above, through our exclusive OnDemand portal.

#2: Have a strong video marketing game

Pamphlets and brochures are nice and all, but video marketing is all the rage these days. Having access to professional, clean, top-notch video marketing material is crucial to connect and engage with prospects and clients, whether its in-person, on social media, or through email and text marketing. A strong life insurance video marketing game can also lay the groundwork for an easy sale by allowing your prospects to educate themselves about different life insurance concepts and solutions through your videos before engaging directly with you.

You can search YouTube and Vimeo for your favorite marketing material to share, but ideally you should have exclusive life insurance video content with your own brand featured that makes you and your company stand out. Attempting to create this material yourself could prove difficult; even if you are skilled in that area, it can be extremely expensive and time-consuming todo so. A good IMO or BGA should provide you access to original video marketing that can be branded with your own logo and contact information.

For example, Alliance Group provides a library of cobranded marketing videos, along with an email marketing platform that can be used to distribute those messages to all of your clients in a few clicks.

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#3: Have a professional website that is clear and clean

Your digital and online presence matters today more than ever. Your professional website should be clean, clear, compelling, and always up-to-date. If visitors to your website don’t know exactly what you do and what you offer as soon as they arrive, you need to make changes.

Content on your site should be easily navigable, easy to read, and feature top-notch video content. The layout should be clean and not feel cluttered. It’s also crucial to keep your website updated at least every quarter or so. Having a broken, confusing, or outdated website can create a worse impression than not having a website at all.

Many life insurance professionals get overwhelmed at the thought of trying to create and maintain a website of their own. This is when a good IMO can earn their override. Alliance Group, for example, provides its agents with a branded, customizable professional website that can be set up in just minutes and is always kept up to date with fresh new content. Seeking out tools like this can ensure that you spend more time generating commissions and less time wrestling with your website.

#4: Market Yourself on Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and other social media platforms are a potential goldmine for connecting with potential clients and building relationships. You have the opportunity with social media to build your brand voice, allow people to get to know you as a person, and educate them about why they should buy life insurance from you.

The two keys to successful social media marketing for life insurance are the two C’s: content and consistency. Content is consistently a challenge for agents looking to establish their voice on social media – content is king. You will need to create some individualized content on your own, whether its written posts, a quick video shot on your phone about why people need life insurance, questionnaires, or polls. However, you should also partner with an IMO or BGA that can provide you out-of-the-box sharable content to help you in your social media marketing efforts. This will help you not only with your content challenges, but your consistency as well. Try to post at least once a week to start, then slowly increase that as you go along.

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#5: Email Marketing and drip campaigns

The Golden Rule of marketing in life insurance (and all industries, really) is to keep your name and your brand in front of your clients and prospects at all times. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through strategic email drip marketing campaigns.

As you’re marketing yourself and growing your business, you should be collecting the contact information (including email addresses) for all of your clients and prospects. Once you have a prospect’s contact information (assuming they willingly gave it to you – don’t buy email lists online!), you have the perfect opportunity to add them to an email campaign that will slowly drip a series of emails on them in the weeks or months ahead with more information about you, your business, and the services you offer.

Remember, don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a ton of replies to your email campaigns right away – the main goal is to keep you and your solutions top of mind for your recipients. Think of email marketing as planting seeds – you don’t expect a plant to sprout the moment a seed is planted in the soil, do you?

Again, your IMO, BGA, or upline should ideally be providing a solution to all of the above, including an email marketing platform that will help you get your message out there. Choose your IMO wisely and you’ll have a leg up on your competition with pre-supplied marketing solutions that let you focus more on writing business and less on designing marketing solutions on your own.

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