Living Benefits Testimonial! - Dr. Steve Smith

"They didn't have Living Benefits back then..."

They didn't have living benefits back then

Living Benefits Testimonial with Dr. Steve Smith

In this inspiring Living Benefits Testimonial, Dr. Steve Smith shares his life-altering cancer story and how it led him to a career in financial services as a Living Benefits Specialist. As a survivor of stage four Hodgkin's disease, Smith narrates the painful details of his struggle, including a frightening diagnosis at the age of 25, and an aggressive treatment plan that included six months of chemotherapy and 13 radiation treatments. During his treatment, Smith had no life insurance and Living Benefits did not exist, which resulted in significant emotional and financial stress. Smith leverages his personal cancer story to educate people on the crucial role of insurance products such as Living Benefits, which allow access to a portion of the death benefit in case of terminal, chronic, or critical illness or injury. Smith emphasizes that up to 70% of the American population is either uninsured or underinsured, underscoring the need for proper life insurance coverage. The availability of Living Benefits in modern insurance plans, according to Smith, provides hope and options in the face of major illnesses, enabling individuals to make proactive plans for themselves and their families, and to live with a deep sense of security.

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