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What is an Insurance Marketing Organization?

What is an IMO? Learn About a Career in the Life Insurance Industry.

What is an Insurance Marketing Organization?

An Insurance Marketing Organization works like a partnership between YOU, the independent agent, and the insurance carriers. The best IMOs will assist you in all facets of the profession - from getting licensed to getting fully trained and ready to sell. Like most careers, you never want to stop learning...and a good IMO partner will offer training throughout the year - whether live, in-person training or educational materials on their website, there's always something new to soak up and hone your skillset.

If you are looking for a Financial Services career and you value helping people, a career as an insurance agent may just be the perfect fit.

There's no other industry that offers the ability to:

  • Earn an unlimited, uncapped income stream
  • Work at your own schedule
  • Build a business to any level you desire - whether you remain a solo agent, or have a desire to build a team - anything is possible.
  • Help people. Whether you serve families or businesses, you are helping to protect individuals from life's potential pitfalls as well as helping to leave a legacy long after they are gone.

Check out some frequently asked questions related to working with a Life Insurance Marketing Organization:

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In the meantime, we'd love to discuss your future in the Life Insurance Business.

It's easy to get started! With the right team behind you, hard work, and dedication, you'll be on the path to success in no time. As mentioned above, the benefits of selling life insurance are second to none. If you value being your own boss, making an unlimited income stream and helping others - you're on the right path.

Typically, you can get licensed and ready to go within a couple of months. That's it! With the help of a good IMO, you'll receive product training, sales training, and tools to get started with prospecting.

If you have additional questions, or simply want to pick our brains - we're here for you! Shoot us a note or give us a call...we look forward to speaking with you.